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25 Dec, 2015

At least in some peoples eyes… and for one person in particular today…

You Are A Star!

At least in some peoples eyes… and for one person in particular today… 

We wanted you to know what your purchase of a ticket on the Future.Travel website during 2015 meant for someone. For each transaction on the Future.Travel website, we, and some of you, donated to a social enterprise that builds wheel chairs and mobility devices for people with restricted movement.

On Christmas morning we delivered one of the chairs to Gia Bao, a 5 year old boy who had never had a wheel chair or the ability to be mobile before. We are committed to help others and thank you for letting us make this picture happen. We would like to see it repeated everyday. When you or your family and friends look to book an air ticket….remember how easy it is to include others in the benefits of your ticketing decision. Future.Travel donates from every transaction to help those in need. For more information visit us on