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Prices quoted are inclusive of booking fees. We do not charge extra to use a Visa or JCB credit card for a purchase.

Future.Travel uses Verified by Visa and SecureCode by MasterCard to protect consumers from online fraud. In order to use the credit card system on this site you must have registered your card with your bank for online transactions using the system.

Verified by Visa is a global authentication program providing an added level of security for online transactions. The Verified by Visa service verifies cardholder identity in real-time through the use of a password so customers can shop more confidently and merchants can accept Visa cards with peace of mind.

Yes. When you are buying something 'offline' it is possible to make payment using the Bitcoin option. Future.Travel will issue an invoice to you in your chosen fiat currency and provide you a payment link. At payment select to settle via Bitcoin.

About Us

Future.Travel is a trading name used by Industry Travel Asia – Blue Ocean Trading and Consulting Company Ltd, a limited liability company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We strive to become one of the top 10 travel agencies in the world. Formed in 2011, we ticket on more than 600 carriers worldwide and have access to more than 400,000 hotels and resorts for accommodation bookings coming online in the fourth quarter of 2018. Our online booking portal provides secure payment and data transfer which is PCI compliant to ensure the information is secure at all stages of the booking, payment, and ticketing process. Our inbuilt GDS booking system has ‘Safe Harbor’ certification. This means that it meets the requirements of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive to securely transfer traveler data to the United States when conducting transactions involving EU and US travel entities. We are committed to delivering great value ticketing and accommodation, and do so by reducing or eliminating elements of fraud or risk that normally translate to a higher cost for the consumer. In order to protect consumers from online fraud we only accept credit card payments using Verified by Visa and SecureCode by MasterCard for credit card transactions. Because of the lower risk from fraud, Future.Travel passes the low cost airfare to you, you pay less for tickets because the savings on flights are passed to you. Find out more »

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions. The entities. This website and the terms Future.Travel refer to the company Blue Ocean Trading and Consulting Company Ltd, a limited liability company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The term "you" refers to the customer the “user” visiting and/or booking a reservation or any other services that the customer may use/download/or reference from the Future.Travel website. Find out more »

Privacy Policy

1.0 General. Your personal data is very important both to you and Future.Travel. All information you provide is treated with care and sensitivity. Your personal details can be used in the way described in this privacy statement. 1.1 Disclosure of personal details to third parties. Future.Travel will not disclose personal information to third parties, unless required for performing services or required by legal provisions. Our suppliers, particularly US carriers, are increasingly required to provide ‘local’ authorities, eg. customs and immigration authorities the personal data and travel details of customers. Disclosure of this information is provided for your safety. The necessity stated above is a responsibility and activity of the supplier. If you have any objection to this, you should advise this prior to booking. Future.Travel reserves the right to provide details to the competent authorities on any matter considered/deemed/suspected to involve fraud, payment irregularities, or a user intentionally causes damage to the company or suppliers through the use of the Future.Travel or associated websites. Find out more »