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If you choose payment method: Visa, or MasterCard, or JCB, or Bank ATM Cards - Local VN Banks, or Indonesia - ATM, Bank Transfer, Cash, Internet Banking in Indonesia, you will be redirected to payment gateway to complete the checkout.

**Changing Payment method may change the value required at checkout. Please check the new value after making any change.**

We accept Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) for Indonesia - ATM, Bank Transfer, Cash, Internet Banking in Indonesia, and USD/VND for other payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, ...)

We accept credit card payments via Visa. 

All transactions are routed via 3D secure banking systems using Verified by Visa for validation of the cardholder identity. You will be taken to your banks 3D secure site to verify your identity. If you have not already signed up for 3D security with your card issuer they may ask you to do so before they will process your payment on Future.Travel

Some card issuers do not participate in online secure credit card/banking. In order to keep our costs low and to protect our customers, we can only accept credit card transactions which can be verified by the issuer as being a legitimate  transaction through the Verified by Visa or SecureCode by MasterCard systems. For more details on Verified by Visa 3D processing please see our FAQ's.

If your card issuer is not registered as a participating bank for the Verified by Visa systems, you may find your transaction declined. You should contact your bank for details on becoming 3D verified for safe online purchases. If your bank does not support Verified by Visa 3D verification you may use our Cash payment system to make your payment.

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