Corporate and Social Responsibility

Nowhere is there a law that says that a company must be CSR - Corporate and Socially Responsible. It is a choice undertaken by management to fulfill the desires of the Community, the Stakeholders, and the Reality of making life sustainable at many levels, for the future and for people needing a helping hand. CSR is a choice for organisations to have as a culture or to ignore.

Before Future.Travel had sold even one ticket management was asking: “How can we give back to the community?” and  “What is our CSR policy going to say about us?”

Firm believers that it does not take a massive amount of money to make a change in peoples lives, Future.Travel opted to implement a plan where it will donate a little from every transaction to make a difference in the community via “local” Social Enterprises. Social Enterprises that puts the money collected directly to use, without any middleman or administrative costs. Future.Travel will help build a better world by adding small successes, via continuous small donations, to support those who may otherwise be disadvantaged by birth or financial constraints from having an easier life.

On check out for a purchase, customers are presented options for supporting a Social Enterprise that is endorsed by Future.Travel. It may be building a house for marginalized people in Southeast Asia, buying a bicycle for a school whose children have no bus and need to get to a school 5 kilometers away, or simply repairing a congenially “broken” heart  of a child through a simple operation.

Future.Travel is committed to helping others in the global community and invite our customers to join us in supporting targeted Social Enterprises.  Here is how Future.Travel does it:

  1. On check out a customer is shown the value of the contribution Future.Travel will be making to the Social Enterprise regardless of their participation in adding more to the donation. The customer is asked if they would like to support the enterprise (a link provides them with specific details of the Social Enterprises goals) via a contribution.
  2. Customers can elect to ‘Skip’ the step, which in no way affects Future.Travel’s commitment of payment from the transaction to the targeted Social Enterprise.
  3. Customers can elect to ‘Match’ or ‘Double’ Future.Travel’s contribution and have it added to their checkout total. For example, Future.Travel may donate $2.00 from a transaction and the customer would elect to match the $2.00 or double it by contributing $4.00, with the choice being added to the check-out total.
  4. As an alternative for customers who want to contribute more than the basic matching values, there is also the ability to nominate a specific monetary value ($13.50 or VND600,000 for example) or to have a percentage of the purchase value added to the checkout final total (for example 3% or 20%).  

With simple inclusion actions, Future.Travel is creating opportunities to contribute to a better society and world. Corporate Social Responsibility is a real concept for Future.Travel and through its business and social activities contributes on a daily basis to achieve the goals of targeted Social Enterprises for improving people’s lives. Future.Travel hopes you participate in making the world a more caring and responsive place to call home by joining us with a matching contribution on checkout.