Lightning Bitcoin ATM @ Future.Travel

07 Oct, 2020

Lightning Bitcoin ATM @ Future.Travel

Future Travel Lightning ATM

When you are ready to travel it is good to have access to funds online. That is where Bitcoin and eWallets like the Wallet Of Satoshi come in handy. Unlike banks that keep bankers hours an eWallet with Bitcoin is open 24/7. You are the bank. Simply top up your wallet before you travel and spend along the way or convert your Bitcoin to local cash currency in your country of visit when you arrive.

Too much cash on hand when it is time to leave the country?  Convert it to Bitcoin and take it along with you as Bitcoin is borderless and can redeemed for cash or products across the border or around the world.

Future.Travel now have a Lightning Bitcoin ATM in the office for you to load or reload your eWallet before you leave the country. Need to find another ATM at your destination? Look to CoinRadar for a global map of ATM's near you.