Apply to be an Future.Travel Affiliate

Welcome to a new stream of revenue for your wallet. Future.Travel welcomes you to enroll as an affiliate to earn rewards for your efforts on our behalf. To get you started we need a few things, which can be sent to us via our contact form.

Please provide these items and we will be ready to get you started as an affiliate of Future.Travel

  1. Affiliate Contact Name:

  2. Address including country and post code: For physical delivery of promotional items as awarded by Future.Travel and suppliers.

  3. Affiliate Telephone number including country code:

  4. Affiliate Mobile number including country code: Used for SMS verification of account details and fund transfers.

  5. Organization name if payments are directed to an organization:

  6. Primary Email Address: We will send all reports and correspondence to this address.

  7. Backup Email Address: We will contact you on this email in case of primary email failure.

  8. Affiliate recovery password: We will ask you for this password in case of account inquiry or changes.

  9. Affiliate recovery question and answer: We will ask you for this question in case of account inquiry or changes. Your answer should reflect answer to the question.

  10. Provide alias names for your affiliate code: eg. DollarSavers; SamsSpecial; BitcoinWorldTour, etc... you may have up to 5 alias codes used for tracking. This will be the name your ‘customers’ will see as giving them any discount credits or thanking them for visiting the Future.Travel website.

  11. Examples of how you will promote Future.Travel: eg. provide website, Facebook, blog addresses. You are not limited to market on the links you provide.

  12. Bitcoin Wallet address for us to deposit funds: We will test account validity by depositing funds to the account prior to confirming your affiliate status.

Simply cut and paste this list into your word processor and complete. Then copy and paste into the Future.Travel contact page with the heading - Affiliate Application. Please allow 7 working days for your affiliate account to be set up once you are approved. To see a sample of a completed Future.Travel Affiliate application click here: Future.Travel Sample Affiliate Application