Apply to be an affiliate-sample

Here is a sample of a completed Future.Travel affiliate application.

  1. Affiliate Contact Name: John Smith
  2. Address including country and post code: 123 My street, Somewhere, Maryland 20123 USA
  3. Affiliate Telephone number including country code: +1-202-555-1212
  4. Affiliate Mobile number including country code: +1-408-555-1212
  5. Organization name if payments are directed to an organization: LocalCause.Inc
  6. Primary Email Address:
  7. Backup Email Address:
  8. Affiliate recovery password: 45*rRT-AART
  9. Affiliate recovery question and answer: What is city of school sweetheart? New Bedford.
  10. Provide alias names for your affiliate code:
  11. Examples of how you will promote Future.Travel: - website - website
    Social media: Facebook, Twitter, G+ handle “Online Travel Agency”
    Direct email.
    Embed affiliate link in email Signature
  12. Bitcoin Wallet address for us to deposit your funds: