Visit the first hydro train in the world.

Anh Nguyet - 19 September 2018

This is the first Europe hydro train in the world, totally friendly with the environment.

These days, our lives is filled with serious pollution: air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution etc… mainly due to the increasing of CO2 emission of diesel vehicles, trains, airplanes…

Humankind is trying to find the best way to reduce the air pollution. Recently, September 17, 2018, the first hydrogen train named Coradia iLint which was made by Alstom company in France had just operated in Germany. This Corradia iLint train is running by converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity which is totally friendly to our environment.

Hydrogen train

You can take a journey on this new Covadia iLint with less noise and zero-mission. It is now operating on 62 miles stretch line in the northern part of Germany with the speed up to 140km/h. The hydrogen fuel is filled at the train station.

It’s a good chance to take the first new hydrogen train from or to Hamburg city which is located in the northern Germany. Travelling by hydrogen train would be very interesting and the most important thing is protecting the environment.

Hydrogen train

At present, there are two Corradia iLint trains is operating but they are trying to expand to 14 such train in 2021. In the future, citizens and travellers in Europe can easily enjoy such protecting environment transportation like Corradia iLint train.