Things must see in Petra, Jordan

Anh Nguyet - 10 September 2018

Petra is recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO from the year 1985. However, visitors just know about it when they saw the Indiana Jones which was filmed in 1989. Nowadays, it be come one of the famous place to go for those who want to explore many giant historical building. Don’t let the grass under your feet, follow us to find out many attractions in Petra, Jordan.

3 places must see in Petra, Jordan

The Treasury

Al-Khazneh always in the priority list of travellers when they come the visit Petra, Jordan. This is because they want to see the mysterious city in the rock mountain. Its beauty and color is changed at different time of the day. People usually take picture of Treasury in the early morning when the sun is rises, at noon when the sun dawns or at night with the magic of light.

Petra, Jordan - The Treasure

Royal Tomb

After walking along the Siq snake shape path, and being overwhelmed by the magnificent natural stucture, you will then next go to find out the Royal Tomb – one the most mysterious attractions in Petra Jordan. It is known that this is the tomb of Nabatean King Malichos II. You have to climb a stairway see the rich decoration inside the building.

Petra, Jordan - Royal Tomb

Dead Sea

It takes you 2 hours to drive from Petra to Dead Sea. This is also known as one of the best attractions in Petra, Jordan that tourist usually choose to visit. Dead Sea has the saltest sea water in the world. Because of its high amount of salt, people can lie on the water without being sunk. Tourists usually spent time floating on the water just reading book and relaxing after many walking days.

Petra, Jordan - Dead Sea

Why we have to visit Petra, Jordan once in lifetime?

  • Visit the great great ancient architecture of human being in the world
  • Floating on the Dead Sea
  • Being a stair master to explore the mountain city
  • And exploring so many attractions near Petra Jordan.

How to get to see best attractions in Petra Jordan?

The closest airport to Petra, Jordan is Aquala Airport (airline code AQJ)

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