Meetings at Sea for training comes in below budget for employee cost of engagement

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HR and management both are looking at ways to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of company training programmes to upskill, uplift, and encourage employee participation in business improvement training.  And... they are looking at cost effective ways to reduce costs while improving the quality of delivery, employee satisfaction, and motivation for attendance and participation.

Major corporations use meetings at sea, onboard cruise ships, to meet the business improvement training tasks at hand. Budgets are not necessarily being being increased for training in some industries, rather the businesses are increasing the number of people participating and/or the quality of the guest speakers/instructors by using savings on cruise meetings at sea packages. The group cost savings from a meeting at sea can be quite significant based on the full board services that a cruise venue offers for both training and incentive purposes. The good news is that small companies can get the same benefits as large corporations for taking their employees ‘out of town’ for training seminars, board retreats, strategic planning retreat, or incentive rewards cruises.

Most cruise lines are set up to cater to large or small groups and are pleased to grant concessions on price and will include meeting planning and free support teams on board to manage space, audio visual and technical personal for small to large presentations. Ask us to help you develop a plan for your next company trip to amke it one that the employees will remember long after the journey is finished.