May 2018 - Bicycle to school...

07 Aug, 2018

We delivered 70 bicycles to the remote villages of Phu Yen province about 1.5 hours west of Tuy Hoa in Vietnam.

When you bought your airline tickets from Future.Travel you may have noticed that we advised you that we were donating a portion of the sale profit to a social enterprise (Loreto Kids Charity) to buy a bicycle for a child who would normally walk 2-10 kilometers to get to and from school. We invited you to join us in a matching donation. If you added a bit extra to support the project a BIG thank you to making a family’s life easier.

Even if you did not add a little bit more at check-out….just purchasing a flight on the Future.Travel website automatically triggered us to make a donation for a bicycle for a child and their family. For many families the bicycle may become their primary, and perhaps only, means of transport. Your purchase helped enable a family to a whole new world of mobility as they use the bike to get to school, go shopping, transport others, and to generally be more independent.

When you purchased from Future.Travel you bought more than just a ticket, you bought a smile on a child’s face, a dream come true for a family, and perhaps the ability for someone’s life to be a little bit easier.

If you tend to have a flight, please book with Future.Travel and we will make sure to help another child to get a chance to have the best chance for a bright future through our support of social enterprise programmes.

Thank you for your support on this important social enterprise. You are a hero!