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31 Oct, 2017

...Future.Travel delivers education opportunities to children.

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We believe that the best way to create a more tolerate and understanding world is through the development of the human spirit and potential. https://Future.Travel puts the first dollars from every ticket sale directly into supporting the community through our corporate and social responsibility mandate. We put people before profit. We invite our customers to join us and provide 100% of all donations to the social enterprise. Every time someone chooses Future.Travel for airline ticketing the world gets a little brighter for a child.

Over the last 4 months we have raised money to support individual children via Loreto Kids Charity in Vietnam. Last week we drove six and a half hours south of Ho Chi Minh City to help distribute 422 school bags full of books, pencil, pens, colouring pencils, rulers, school sports uniforms, and sport shoes to three very remote schools in An Giang province. The average income for many residents in area would be less than $100 per month. Education is often overlooked as parents simply do not have the funds to buy pencils and books.

Our customers understand. They helped us help these children to a better future by providing some basic tools for the children’s educational beginnings. Too shy to say much out loud, the children said thank you with smiles and proud exclamations of ownership of their future as students.

When it comes time to book your airline tickets remember that your Future.Travel purchase buys more than just "a ticket from here to there". Your airline tickets purchased online with Future.Travel also provide the benefit of education opportunities for those may not have a chance without your purchase. Every dollar donated by Future.Travel and its customers goes to directly measurable and audited deliverables to children in need. Help us help others.