Pay For or Change a Future Booking

Sometimes you need to add a little more to the system to pay for airline and booking fee's. This is the page to make the payment for any outstanding charges for ticketing or fees. These may include fees for: Ticketing, Change of ticketing dates, Having previously bought a ticket online but it needs changes which have incurred a fee, buying excess baggage before departure, and probably a few more possibilities.

No worries! On this page you can make the required payments for your online tickets and associated charges. Future.Travel just needs some simple details to collect the correct amount for crecit card payments.

For payment by Credit Card

  1. To make a payment for an existing booking please advise your booking reference number: (this needs to match our system)
    Your Booking reference number was provided at check-out or sent to you by one of our Helpful Humans when you requested changes or upgrades on an existing ticket.
  2. Payment deadline as noted on your booking advice form.
  3. Family name on the booking: (needs to match the booking)
  4. Your contact email address used in the booking or in contacts with Future.Travel (needs to match the booking)

Submit for payment