Future.Travel Affiliate - FAQ



How does the Future.Travel affiliate system work? 


As an affiliate you promote bookings and ticketing via Future.Travel. If someone books a flight that is ticketed as a direct result of your promotion you earn a commission based on the type of flight – eg Domestic, International, etc.

Does the Future.Travel affiliate system pay on clicks? 

Future.Travel affliliate programme is based on acquisition, not on ‘visits’ to the site. No payment is due if your visitor does not get issued a ticket.

How much do I get paid per booking? 

Future.Travel pays a commission of USD$5.00 on most international bookings referred by an affiliate - the exception being some short haul cross border flights which pay $2.50, USD$2.50 for domestic flights within any country, and USD$1.00 for any discount or low cost carrier booking.

How do you define a booking?

Future.Travel sees a booking as a ‘confirmed’ booking, with one or more persons in the itinerary as a traveller. We pay per booking, not per passenger. If there are 3 people in the booking the commission is the same as if there was 1.

How do define a success booking for payment?

Future.Travel sees a successful booking as one that is actually ticketed.  We pay per ticketed booking, not per booking. Some bookings can not be ticketed due to lack of seats, errors in passengers details, and about 1000 other variables.

When do I get paid?

Commissions are credited to your nominated Bitcoin account, 15 days after the first day of the month following payment by the customer. For example, a payment for a flight made in November would be paid on December 15th. Payments are made to you monthly regardless of the value.

How do I get paid?

When a payment is due, it is paid to your nominated Bitcoin account. The payment is instant and, via Bitcoin exchanges worldwide, you can withdraw funds in fiat currencies immediately if you choose.

How do I promote Future.Travel?

Using your promo/affiliate tracking codes; post a banner or link on your website, attach a signature or banner to your emails or mention Future.Travel in a newsletter or article. When someone clicks on, or otherwise references your promo code as they enter the Future.Travel website they become associated with you as a referral for that booking session.

You can promote Future.Travel in any number of ways providing you comply with the ethical guidelines detailed in our Future.Travel
Affiliate Terms and Conditions. Put simply, you should not promote Future.Travel using unsolicited bulk email (spam) or in any other way that would irritate someone and discourage them from using Future.Travel due to your actions.

Do you have banners and links I can use?

Yes, we will be posting a number of graphics and code that you can integrate into your websites and email. Once you are accepted as an affiliate we will provide you with a link to download banner files for use in promoting ticketing via Future.Travel

How do I know if I'm getting credit for my referrals?

It's very difficult to be certain when and if someone has followed your link to our site. As we pay on actual ticketed referrals, you may have referrals from your pages that never complete the ticketing process. A visit is not the same as a completed ticket.

We recommend occasionally clicking on your own links. This will confirm everything is working properly, and getting you the best chance of generating a commission.

Why should I promote Future.Travel?

Simply it is because your success is our success. The more success you have, the harder you will work to promote us. The harder you work to promote us, the more our business grows. It's in our best interest to keep you happy, and to help you grow your passive income stream.

How do I add my promo/tracking code to my webpages and email signatures?

In the Future.Travel affiliate welcome letter we send to successful applicants we provide instructions and examples on how to embed your promo/tracking codes in various scenarios.

How do I get additional promo codes?

Once you become an Affiliate send us message through our contact window requesting more codes using your original referral code as a basis for the request.

Example: Original Tracking code 2wdlos993m requests 4 additional codes.

All commission payments will be made to the original Bitcoin address associated to the original tracking code 2wdlos993m. If you desire the codes to be paid to a different account then you must set up a new Affiliate account to separate the payments.

How do I contact you?

If you have any other questions regarding the Future.Travel Affiliate Program please contact us via chat or via our contact page.