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Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines Details and Operating Statistics

Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia, majority ownership of the airline owned by the Malaysian Government - Khazanah Nasional. Malaysia Airlines operates most of their flights to 61 destinations, around Malaysia, Asia, and also to Europe. The brand has best safety records within 68 years of operations  before 2014. 

Formal Name of Malaysia Airlines Holding Company:

Malaysia Airlines Berhad

Common Public Name for Malaysia Airlines:

Malaysia Airline

Malaysia Airlines IATA Airline code:


Malaysia Airlines Flagship Country:


Malaysia Airlines Head Office:

Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia

Number of Aircraft in the Malaysia Airlines fleet:


Number of employees at Malaysia Airlines:


Number of countries served by Malaysia Airlines:


Number of Destinations served by Malaysia Airlines:


Percentage of on time arrivals by Malaysia Airlines:


Malaysia Airlines Alliance Group:


Malaysia Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme name:

Enrich by Malaysia Airlines (Enrich)

Malaysia Airlines Slogan / Motto:

Going beyond expectations

Malaysia Airlines Hub City / Cities:

Kualar Lumpur (KUL), Sabah (BKI), Kuching (KCH)

Malaysia Airlines Subsidiaries:

Firefly, MASwings, MASkargo

Malaysia Airlines Code Share: 

MK, AA, PG, KA, CX, CI, EK, ET, EY, AY, FY, GA, JL, 9W, KL, KE, 8M, WY, PR, QR, ...