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Emirates Details and Operating Statistics

Established in 1985, Emirates known as the world's fastest growth in airline industry; increased approximately $100 million each year. Today, it is ranked as no.1 airline among all of other excellent brands in airline industry. Emirates airline wholly owned by Government of Dubai, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since the beginning, the brand itself known to their commitment to quality and remain its high quality services up til now. 

Formal Name of Emirates Holding Company:

Emirates Airlines 

Common Public Name for Emirates:


Emirates IATA Airline code:


Emirates Flagship Country:

United Arab Emirates

Emirates Head Office:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Number of Aircraft in the Emirates fleet:


Number of employees at Emirates:


Number of countries served by Emirates:


Number of Destinations served by Emirates:


Percentage of on time arrivals by Emirates:


Emirates Alliance Group:


Emirates Frequent Flyer Programme name:


Emirates Slogan / Motto:

From Dubai to destinations around the world

Emirates Hub City / Cities:

Dubai (DXB)

Emirates Subsidiaries:

Arabian Adventures, Congress Solutions International, Emirates Holidays, Emirates Tours

Emirates Code Share: 

AI, KM, MK, AS, PG, CM, BE, FZ, JL, 9W, B6, JQ, 3K, KE, 4M, MH, QF, S7, SA, TP, TG, WS