Best cheap food stall in Hoi An, Vietnam

Anh Nguyet - 24 September 2018

Once I came to Hoi An, my friend, local people, took me around to explore and enjoy many best cheap food stalls in Hoi An, Vietnam.

You should try 3 best cheap food stalls in Hoi An if you just have one day to visit the ancient town!

Best cheap food stall - “Pho” Tien

No.133 Tran Hung Dao street

Morning is the best time to enjoy a hot bowl of Pho with several pieces of fried bread which is very crisp. “pho” Tien is one of the well-known and age old “Pho” stall in Hoi An. The water of “pho” which is tasted just right, used with dry “Pho” which is just about to boil over and a little slides of unripe papaya. You should add a little bit satay sauce as it is made from a very special recipe, its ingredient includes chilies, peanuts, minced meat and a little bit spice.


Best cheap food stall - “Cao Lau”

No.9 Thai Phien street

This is one of the best Vietnamese stall with affordable price. In this place, you can enjoy a bowl of “cao lau” with a special noodle in Quang Nam province và it was filled with a lot of topping such as shrimp, fried pork, all kind of vegetable and some piece of grilled rice paper. To eat this kind of food, very easy, you just have to mixed all the ingredient in the bowl together until all was filled with its source and then enjoy!


Best cheap food stall - “Chicken rice” Hien

No.133 Tran Hung Dao Street

This is a familiar address of the local people as the price is affordable so in the evening, this place is filled with lots of people from inside to outside the house. The special “chicken rice” with soft fried rice which is used with chicken and a hot bowl of source. All are mixes together to create a very tasty which you can just find in Hoi An, Vietnam.



Hurry up setting the schedule to Hoi An to enjoy the the best cheap food stalls with suggested 3 best cheap food stalls in Hoi An.

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