3 best places to visit in Binh Dinh Province in 2019

Anh Nguyet - 20 September 2018

Explore 3 best places to visit in Binh Dinh Province in 2019

“Ráng” Dale

Driving 3 km to the South East from the Quy Nhon city, you will enter “Ráng” Dale, one of the attractions to visit in Binh Dinh Province. This place is seen as a sapphire in the middle of sea. You have to walk nearly 1 km to get there. When you come to “Sea of Egg rock”, a nice picture in front of you is lots of place smooth rock which were all out of position.


“Kỳ Co” sea

This place is one of the wild beach in Binh Dinh Province. If you go by car, you will see the awesome beauty id this seashore on the top view when your car go around mountain. Visitors usually come here and deeply immersed in the peaceful scene of this wild sea. You will be immersed in the fresh and warm sea here, enjoy the beaity of nature and stay away from the noise and emission. You will unintentional meet some friendly local people who is doing their fishing job here. “Kỳ Co” sea has been on the list of best Binh Dinh Province attractions to visit in the recent years.


“Thiên Hưng” pagoda

“Thiên Hưng” pagoda is the sacred and famous pagoda in Binh Dinh as some people believe that this temple has the Buddha’s relics of Gautama Buddha. Every year, there are lots of tourist come to this temple with the best wishes for themselves and their family. Besides, this temple with old style of architecture, you will have the feeling like you are in some kind of fairyland. This place always in the bucket list of best attractions to visit in Binh Dinh.



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