Hire a Human Helper


Hire a Human Helper


We know that your time is valuable. That’s because there’s just not enough of it!

To help those who never seem to have enough time, or just like to get an idea what is possible, we have the Future.Travel - Hire a Human Helper service. It’s an easy name for us because we are actually humans behind this interface.

With Hire a Human Helper you get a real person experience as ‘one of us humans’ actually looks at your flight request. Computers are great, but humans can still out think them. We put our brains together to find possible options for you.


 Here is how it works:

  1. You give us your basic travel details
  2. We ask a few questions to see how flexible you are.
  3. Then we search the Future.Travel site for an itinerary to fit your needs.
  4. We generally come up with 2 to 3 options for you to consider.
  5. We send back to you within 48 hours the exact flights and step by step booking instructions to purchase the itinerary outlined on our site.
  6. Easy. We do the search, you save the time. Then you can check to see if the suggested options fit your needs, and purchase it if it is appropriate.


How Much? $20.00 for the simple search (oneway/round trip/single-class,same itinerary) or $30 for multi-city/multi-class/stop-over travel/same itinerary. Maximum group size is 8.

The service is prepaid and no refund/changes of itinerary/dates/number of passengers is possible once the Future.Travel search form is submitted. The service is only available for flights that depart more than 72 hours from time of submission of the search request.

We cannot guarantee seats or prices will still be valid when you receive your Future.Travel suggested flights list, nor do we guarantee they are the least expensive seats/flights available from/to any destination. Seating inventory and pricing change by the minute and you are encouraged to book and pay for tickets as soon as possible from receipt of your search results.



Ok I understand! I want to Hire a Human Helper to get me some great ideas and prices for my flights.


Here is my travel plan (Click To Create a Travel Plan)


I think I will be the human …and do everything myself. (Take me back to the homepage).