How do I claim the BTC-rebate for my booking?

After completing payment on your booking for a hotel, air ticket, tour, or cruise on the Future.Travel website, you would contact us humans at Future.Travel by chatting with us via our online chat support link.

We will require in your support request:

Your Future.Travel booking reference number;
The full name of one passenger/guest;
The date of the booking;
The email address used for the booking;

We may also request:
A mobile/social media number/handle associated with the booking.
A copy of the purchaser/guest/traveller’s passport or other government identification items to prove identity for anti-money laundering purposes.

Future.Travel will NEVER ask for any credit card or banking passwords or security details on you accounts. Once we have verified your information we will request you to send us an invoice from your Lightning Network enabled wallet so that we might transfer your rebate directly to your wallet.