Using OKLink to make a cash or local bank transfer to Future.Travel from outside of Vietnam

  1. Go to the OKLink website and register to send funds.
  2. To make a payment for your booking you must pay in Vietnam Dong (VND)
  3. You will need to send the full value of VND as listed on your booking (If Future.Travel receives less than full value as per the booking the process will stop and the transaction may be cancelled) which means at checkout you must have selected VND as your purchase currency by selecting VND at the top right of the screen.
  4. On OKLink (after you have registered) select the currency you will use for payment. This is the currency of the country your are sending money from as the ‘ You Send’ Line.
  5. From the ‘Recipient Gets’ line the currency must be VND and enter the value in VND from your Future.Travel booking payment page. Then hit next.
  6. Please use this information to complete the recipient information:
    Phone Number: +842839990706
    Bank (from Drop Down list): Vietcombank (Ngân hàng TMCP Ngoại Thương Việt Nam)
    Bank Branch Number:  Vietcombank – Sai Thanh Branch
    Account Number: 0511000404806
  7. Keep a copy of your deposit / payment receipt(s).
  8. Please note that paying by cash via OKLink requires processing time which requires bank transfers during normal business hours and business days. In some cases this may delay your transaction from being seen by the Future.Travel servers. If your travel is critical and time sensitive we suggest you use credit card payment for the purchase.