Pay cash over the counter or via ATM in Indonesia? Use the Modern Channel at checkout

In Indonesia you may pay cash for your bookings at: Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfaexpress, Lawson, Post Office, Pawnshop Office, or  Family Mart.  Select Indonesia payment option, then at checkout choose "Modern Channel".  When paying by cash in Indonesia the limit is up to IDR5,000,000 after which the cash payment option will not appear on the Future.Travel website. You may still pay via ATM or bank transfer for values greater than IDR5,000,000.

For Cash payments you will be given a payment number to take to the modern channel outlet close to you for payment. Payover the counter and keep your reciept. When payment is made your booking will be processed. You have 2 hours to complete a cash transaction. 1 hour if you are paying by ATM. As the payment is not made at time of booking there is always a chance your selected flight/booking may not be available by the time payment is made. A refund for unticketed bookings may take up to 21 days in case a refund is required.