Do you have insurance against insolvency for airlines, hotels, and tours and services booked on Future.Travel?

If you take out the Blue Cross Travel insurance offered at check-out, for travel related to the period of time for the issued policy, the agent - Future.Travel, and any other travel agent you may deal with, as well as airlines, tour companies, and hotels you have booked with for travel for a journey during the coverage period becomes insolvent, and goes into administration or bankruptcy, prior to the start of your journey you are covered for loss.

You may be eligible for a refund for funds paid (where not reimbursed via a credit card or other payout system) for tickets, tours, prepaid, hotels vouchers, cruises, and other travel related events that can not be enjoyed or utilised due to cancellation by a supplier due to insolvency by a supplier. Insurance must be purchased at point of sale via the Future.Travel website to be enabled.