How does the Bitcoin payment work?


Future.Travel accepts Bitcoin through a 3rd party processor. You find your flight/hotel/cruise through searches in your chosen currency. At check out you are provided an option to convert Bitcoin (BTC) to a fiat currency acceptable for payment. The process is automated and you see instantly your cost in Bitcoin and your fiat currency for the transaction.

We recommend the GreenAddress Wallet for managing your Bitcoin. GreenAddress wallet users enjoy instant payment access and messaging to confirm transfers. We cannot process any partial Bitcoin payments for ticketing and any partial payments recieved are not refundable. Please ensure we recieve full payment as per our invoice to you in Bitcoin. Payments where sender or senders wallet has deducted network transfer costs will register as a partial payment and the booking will fail, despite the partial value of BTC having been transfered.

Future.Travel We Accept Bitcoin. Book your flights with Bitcoin now!