Frequently Asked Questions

How can Future.Travel make the search for best flight booking deals easier? Read more
What about making changes to an existing booking? Read more
How can I make changes to my booking and or reservations? Read more
What about bank and credit card fees? Read more
Why does my check out invoice show insurance? Read more
Who is the travel insurance provider that covers my flights/travel if I agreed to have insurance? Read more
What happens if my bags are lost when flying? Read more
I do not have an insurance offering at check-out, or for all passengers travelling Read more
Why am I not getting an insurance option for domestic flights? Read more
I am on a multi-stop ticket which is ‘one-way’ does insurance coverage apply? Read more
Why can’t I see domestic flights for Vietnam? Read more
Do you charge a booking or credit card fee in addition to prices shown? Read more
The Future.Travel website check-out is asking me to verify my credit card. Why? Read more
Do you accept payments other than with a credit card? Read more
How can I make a payment for a change on a ticket? Read more
What currency do you use to charge credit cards? Read more
My credit card was charged in USD but shows as a foreign transaction on my statement. Read more
What is the name that will show on my credit card statement for tickets bought on the Future.Travel website? Read more
Pay cash over the counter or via ATM in Indonesia? Use the Modern Channel at checkout Read more
My frequent flyer number was not input when I made the booking, how can I add it to the booking? Read more
On checkout there is an option for contributing to a Social Enterprise – what is this? Read more
What Social Enterprises do you support? Read more
How long from payment online until I received my eTicket? Read more
Do I get Frequent Flyer points for my Future.Travel booked flights? Read more
My trip was cancelled – How can I get a refund? Read more
My company has a corporate travel policy – Are you a compliant supplier? Read more
Can I book request my preferred seat on Future.Travel? Read more
Can I request a special meal for my flight? Read more
I need to have Oxygen while inflight. Can I order it on Future.Travel? Read more
Verified by Visa? Read more
What does the number of seats available in the details for a flight mean in reality? Read more
Why Are Some Airlines Missing from the Search Results? Read more
What is 'Pay by Corporate account'? Read more
What are requirements for Corporate Accounts on Future.Travel? Read more
Why can't I see flights on Future.Travel that I can see on other travel agency websites? Read more
How does the Bitcoin payment work? Read more
Do you accept Bitcoin for payment? Read more
How does Bitcoin work and how can it be accessed for payment on Future.Travel? Read more
What exchange rate do you use for Bitcoin payments? Read more
Where do I find the Bitcoin price for a ticket or hotel? Read more
How can I pay with Bitcoin on Future.Travel? Read more
Which Bitcoin wallets do you accept? Read more
My Bitcoin payment is being refused – why? Read more
I need to change/cancel my airline ticket paid by Bitcoin, how can I do this? Read more
Can I use Bitcoin to pay for hotels, cruises, rail, and visa fees via Future.Travel? Read more
Why can't I see the corporate code payment link? Read more
Do you have insurance against insolvency for airlines, hotels, and tours and services booked on Future.Travel? Read more
Which services do Future.Travel – the best Bitcoin travel agent accept for payment with Bitcoin? Read more
How to use bitcoin to buy tickets at Future.Travel a Bitcoin travel agent? Read more
Why Future.Travel is one of the Best Bitcoin travel agencies? Read more
What transactions are not eligible for the BTC-rebate? Read more
Can I get a BTC-rebate when I use my credit card for payment? Read more
Can I convert my BTC-rebate to cash? Read more
Where can I use my Lightning Wallet value? Read more
How can I get a Lightning wallet? Read more
How long does it take for BTC-rebate to be paid to my Lightning wallet? Read more
How long do I have to claim my BTC-rebate for a purchase from Future.Travel? Read more
How do I claim the BTC-rebate for my booking? Read more
How can the Future.Travel cruise airfare credit be used? Read more
Is Future.Travel listed in any travel directories? Read more
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