Making a 'Kids Holiday' a cruise holiday and save money on travel

Kids Cruise Free


Where to go with kids on a holiday vacation is always a challenge. Kids don’t always appreciate the finer things in life like great food served to excite your taste buds and to amaze your eyes with its presentation. Kids are more interested in pizza, their own favorite dishes, or eating at all hours. Luckily cruise ships cater to kids as well as to adults. The best part of the equation is that kids can eat for free on cruise ships as the price of a cruise is inclusive of all meals and most snacks.

Are we there yet? This common phrase is familiar to many parents as they embark on a long (or short) journey to reach a destination. With a cruise 80% of the destination is on board. With round the clock activities for adults and kids the boredom factor never sets in. The best part is that almost everything is included in the price. No extra’s for having fun. No long expensive stops along the way to your destination. Yes you are there…

Best point ever? Some Cruise lines (Like Costa Cruises) let “Kids Cruise Free” when under 18 years old and are accompanied on the cruise and sharing a cabin with a full fare paying adult. Compare a land based holiday with a cruise. Cruise: Kids Cruise Free, All they can eat for free, free and kid focused activities included in price of the holiday.
Land based holiday: Hours to arrive at destination (Are we there yet?), kids meals are not free (and don’t offer pizza! at most meals), pay as you go (there goes your budget).

Kids love cruising and the fun they have on board and during shore excursions. Your family will love you. Your wallet will thank you.