19 Top Health and Wellness Thoughts for Cruising

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20/20 vision is always a benefit when looking back on a holiday experience. Cruises are the same. So thinking and planning ahead is essential for maximising the best outcomes for your trip aboard. Here are 19 health and wellness things to consider and follow to keep yourself healthy and safe during your voyage.

  1. Wash your hands

    This simple task will eliminate more than 80% of the worlds health issues. It works on cruises as well. Make a point to wash your hands often, and when offered a hand sanitiser use it.
  2. Drink Water - A lot of it!

    Keeping your body hydrated is a key to combating fatigue and illness. Most cruises offer a water package of bottled water - consider that a 'must have' item on your list of on board purcahses. An average person should be drinkin at least 2.5 to 3 litres of water every day.
  3. Don't Drink Water - some of it.

    Tap water... on shore visits. Local water on shore visits. You probably won't get sick on board, but you may bring a shore bug back in your tummy after a day of exploring the port stop. Stick to bottled water rather than a communal jug or glass.
  4. Have a good sleep before/when you arrive

    If you are exhausted from travelling you need to rest. Why sleep away your cruise? Show up in port a day or two before you sailing date and 'relax' with a good sleep and some slow time to let your body get into relaxed mode.  No time for ana extra day in port? Try a power nap when you arrive on board. 30 minutes of sleep when you arrive to your cabin will clear the travel cobwebs and settle your mind for a pleasant and relaxing cruise.
  5. Sunscreen - Sunburn

    Laying around the pool on deck, splashing on the beach while in port, swimming, walking, anything outside while the sun is up (even if it cloudy) can spell sunburn. Serious sunburn if you are not extremely careful. Pack and use sunscreen liberally.  Better no tan than no cruise as you try to recover from a day with too much sun.
  6. Eat Healthy

    Cruises are known to add to waistline. The selection of food is just amazing and the temptation to try everything is had for the eyes to pass. This is not necessarily the time to be the official tester of all. Try to stick to what you know that works for your body. Adventures in eating, sure with moderation and a few new temptations over a few days. Don't stuff the gullet with too much and pace yourself, the next meal is coming up soon.
  7. Exercise - Stairs, Walking, Fresh Air, Gym

    With all the food consumed the calories are stacking up. Now is the time to stretch the legs and use the stairs, going up burns fat, coming down burns sugar. Walking to the farthest reaches of the ship and back for your morning coffee or circumnavivating the promenade deck under the skys is a great way to get your exercise in and make room for your next 5 course dinner. Start early on exercise and go dancing after dinner, the exercise is good and sleep is easy with a full tummy and tired body.
  8. Health Aware - tell the crew

    With the corona virus pandeminc that swept the earth 88% of cruise ships were uninfected. Public awareness defeated the virus in many locations. Your crew need to know if you are not feeling well. They want to ensure you are healthy and they want to stay healthy as well. If you are feeling a bit under the weather let them know and they in turn will make sure you are looked after to enjoy your cruise to the best of your abilities.
  9. Sea sick - ginger, dramamine

    It does happen often, but sometimes even the most seaworthy of passengers find their 'sea legs' have failed them and they get sea sick. Todays modern ships have stabilisers to prevent the rolling and tossing of ships, so the problem is not as common as it may have been 50 years ago. Just the same pack your own private supply of motion sickness pills. Instant ginger tea works well to calm nervous stomaches that are effected by a rough da at sea or from a bus ride while on shore.
  10. Alcohol - Hang overs

    Big night followed by a shocking day?  Hangovers while on a cruise steal your time. Best to keep moderation and control while drinking alcoholic beverages so that you maximise your time on board and in port. Face down in bed for the day is not a good look or a good use of your holiday time on board your cruise.
  11. Massage/ Acupuncture

    On board a cruise is the perfect time to get your body replenished with the all the right touches. A massage helps increase your wellness as it stimulates your body to excrete waste products that may have 'stored' in your muscles and elsewhere. Does your ship offer accupuncture services? This a great way to get focused attention on specific area of your body and health while you have time to relax and repair your body.
  12. Food to fit your diet

    That 4 letter word... DIET. It is actually a great word to remind you that you should eat what fits your daily regime, your personal diet. Ask the crew for special order foods if you need assistance. In most cases the ship is more than capable to meet your dietary requirements.
  13. Protein for Breakfast

    Some foods slow us down and others allow us to power through the day. A high protein breakfast lets you travel lightly through the day so you can keep up with the ship an shore activities.
  14. Eat light - Salads

    With all the meals on board it is easy to eat a lot.... For a change of pace make an effort to include a light salad as part of your onboard meal routine. The lightness of the salad will be balanced out with the heavier sweets and proteins you are consuming. Balance is good to keep your digestion in tip top shape as you navigate the activites on board and on shore.
  15. Pack your own Pharmacy

    Ever needed relief right now? Pack your own kit of over the counter remedies for Diahrea, constispation, indigestion, blisters, etc. The old saying 'take half as many clothes and twice as much money' holds true for presciption medicines. Double the amount of prescription drugs you carry with you, eg 1 week cruise - carry 2 week supply, as bags get lost and flight delays can mean your 1 week supply is used before your make it back home for a refill.
  16. Hand Sanitiser

    Not near a washroom? Carry a hand sanitiser with you. See Item 1 on this list!
  17. Lip Balm

    Chapped lips are no fun. Wind and sun on board can quicky dry and blister/crack unprotected lips. Best to use a lip balm that is also rated for sun protection to protect you from the pain of split lips.
  18. Masks

    Masks are good. Having a mask can 'save' you if there is a dusty bus ride, a crowded market with over whelming smells, or even a case of the flu on board ship that you best avoid. As cronoavirus abates around the world the common element in eradication has been the use of personal protection masks. Going traveling? Take a mask, you find it comes in handy to keep you healthy.
  19. Spare Glasses /Contacts

    20/20 vision is not always achieved in hindsight. Sometimes it is not even possible in realtime. This is where glasses and contacts come into play. To avoid stress, headaches, and general disaster... pack an extra set (or 2) of your contacts and glasses in you bags. Don't put them all in the same bag, rather spread them about in case of missing luggage. Your cruise will be much more fun if you can see what is on the menu or across the horizon.