The best cruise lines for the money

Caribbean shore excursion for cruise


This will never be a simple answer as there are 314 Cruise lines up around the world. The ability to find the best value for money really depends upon what you value as important.

If it is price, then shopping is quite easy. You simply open up the website to find the lowest price cabin for the number of days you intend to spend on a cruise.

The best value comes from not only how much you pay, but also what is included in the price.

For example, let’s just say that you’re traveling with children. Some cruise lines charge for children now as if they were adults. Other cruise lines allow you to have children in your cabin for free. So the comparison would look something like this: Two adults +2 children equals four adults paying, versus, Two adults +2 children equals two adults paying and two children for free. On a $500 per person cabin price, the first example would be $2000 for two children paying adult fares while accompanying two adults. The better value cruise would be where children are free reducing the cost to $1000 for the 4 travelers.

Apart from cabin pricing, value also comes from the number of nights spent onboard. How much are you spending every day per person for your cruise? Is the price per night equal to the alternative cruise line who has a similar itinerary? Are the cabins similar or better in comparison of fit out and location on board? Are there any deal sweeteners being offered, like free air / hotel rebates, on-board spending credits, drink packages, tour discount options, or something that you might value. Like an automatic upgrade to the next cabin type?

With 314 Cruise lines to choose from there’s a good chance that whatever is on your bucket list for a good “deal” will be able to be found. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for 'the deal of the week' on a cruise. The deals change weekly so stay in touch to be kept up to date to grab the best cruise line for your next time onboard.