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Buy an Experts Advice 


We know that your time is valuable. That’s because there’s just not enough of it!

To help those who never seem to have enough time or just want someone to sort out the logistics and nuances of getting around the planet, we provide the ‘Buy an Expert’ service. You can have a designated human at Future.Travel to work with to make your travel planning, air, hotel, cruise, and rail bookings a simple project for you from which to decide on the best fit for you. 


With ‘Buy an Expert’ service you get a real person experience as ‘one of us humans’ actually manages all your bookings for you.  We put our brains together with yours to find possible options for you.


Here is how it works: 

  1. You give us your detailed travel requirements. (we need names/ages/passport details of travelers)
  2. We ask a few questions to see how flexible you are.
  3. Then we search for an itinerary to fit your needs and budget.
  4. We generally come up with 2 to 3 good options for you to consider.
  5. We send back to you within 72 hours the exact flights and itineraries to get you where you are going.
  6. Easy. We do the search, the work, and you save the time and headaches of doing it yourself
  7. You check to see if the suggested itineraries fit your needs and purchase if appropriate. We manage the process so you are dealing with humans along the way. 


How Much? $50.00/per person for any combination of travel on a single itinerary for a maximum group size of 8.


The service is prepaid and no refund is provided once payment is received, even if group size is reduced. Four (4) changes to itinerary/dates/number of passengers is possible once the Future.Travel search form is submitted provided changes occur prior to ticketing. The service is only available for flights that depart more than 72 hours from time of submission of the search request. Once ticketed, change fees and refunds for tickets are subject to ticket rules provided. 


We guarantee seats or prices will be valid when you receive your Future.Travel suggested flights list, subject to noted time frames provided in the booking advice. This may be less than 24 hours  for you to ticket on an option depending on airlines and destinations. We do not guarantee suggested bookings are the least expensive seats/flights/ or connections available from/to any destination as seating inventory and pricing allocations change by the minute.


Ok I understand! I want to ‘Buy an Expert’ to manage my travel booking, ticketing, and reservation process.


Here is my travel plan (Click To Create a Travel Plan using an Buy an Expert)


I think I will be the Expert …and I will do everything myself. (Take me back to the homepage)